All I want for so, so much!

I know it's a bit late, but I must show you all this goodies anyways. When I'm out christmas shopping I always find so much stuff I want for myself. My god how easy it is to treat myself! 

First of all I want EVERYTHING from Manillusion. I mean EVERYTHING! But this Dazzle dress I really need to wear on one of the christmas parties I'm attending.

This beauty is Pearl Coat from Collectif. What a showstopper!

A 1 year subscription to Vintage Life Magazine. A gift that lasts a year :-)

Cute tattoo mugs from Coral and Bone

Amazing Laced Up jumpsuit from Pinup Girl Clothing! I couldn't find a bigger picture, but check it out by clicking the image below.

On you can buy photographic prints of these babies, but seriously, I need the statues! They are so beautiful!

Lingerie from the stunning Dita Von Teese is definitely something every women should have. Here in my favorite Madame X. You can get it at


Oh, Dita!

Hot rollers - a must for pin ups. And now that my hair finally is getting longer I really need it 

Make up! Make up! Make up! Can't get enough and I love the make up from The Balm. You can get it at Manillusion of course :-)

These I need in every color! From Miss L Fire

Well my list never stops and I could go on forever..;-) Now I have to find my bed and go to sleep. We are celebrating christmas eve tomorrow because Philippa is going to her daddy on the 24. But first i have to watch one episode of Arrow. I'm totally hooked ;-) 

Oh! Almost forgot - I also wish for a new tattoo!